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Hyderabad Tops Housing Sales

The “city of pearls”, a gem in the Nizam era yet to be discovered in the real estate market once. But the situation changed with the clouds of IT sector took over the city.

This intensifying impact throughout the last ten years has brought about Hyderabad being the fourth crowded city in India. Concerning the current status, Hyderabad offers a level land foundation that can oblige a far-reaching residential zone, which isn’t the case in other metro urban communities. This has encouraged real estate developers to adapt on this plentiful land, as a variety of private undertakings are established in the last ten years itself, making it perhaps the most effective residential zones.

In any case, how has this housing market fared in the unfriendly season of pandemic? As per review information of 2020, the normal cost pattern in Hyderabad was Rs. 5964 for each sqft, with a 6% expansion in the previous year. This hybrid working model in the previous year has encouraged working professionals to purchase an spacious house to coordinate their work requirements. The Interest Rates all through Hyderabad were hitting a record low, encouraging several new homebuyers. Out of the 8 significant major residential markets including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, NCR, MMR, Pune and Kolkatta; Hyderabad has topped the housing deals over the most recent two years itself. All in all, what precisely is the charm of this city?

The Well-Planned Suburbs

While a few IT establishments are spread across Hyderabad, GHMC has carried out an essential intend to encompass the corporate zones with private rural areas. Serlingampally, Ameerpet, Banjara Hills, Gachibowli, Kondapur are a portion of the conspicuous rural areas situated in vicinity to HITEC city which is the focal point of the biggest IT center. This has empowered the occupants to seamlessly commute in a consistent drive.

Social Infrastructure

With the advancement of rural areas, the residential zone facilitated the foundation of a many schools and universities in the nearby. A considerable portion of these rural areas brag top-level colleges like Hyderabad University, Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, IIIT Hyderabad, Osmania University, and some more. Real estate developers plan their ventures to such an extent that schools and other facilities can be accessed easily. Quality medical care facilities are accessible at a close distance in these areas.


Nearly Rs.8000 crores were planned towards infrastructure improvement within a period of 6 years. Link roads are developed to reduce traffic congestion. Outer Ring Road is one such connection that associates suburbia to one another and to the corporate area. The Metro Rail Project has also played a major role. In metro stage 2, the proposed blue line will connect Raidurg to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport thus providing an comfortable access.

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Top 4 Reasons To Invest In HMDA Approved Plots

Top 4 Reasons To Invest In HMDA Approved Plots

There is no better option than investing in open plots if you look for healthy real estate returns. Moreover, if you are eyeing a safe ride, investment into HMDA plots in Hyderabad is always advisable. Most of the HMDA plots are within gated communities in Hyderabad and ensure guaranteed infrastructure development. Apart from this, four significant advantages should be considered

HMDA Plots In Hyderabad Gaurantees Infrastructure Development:

Interest in HMDA plots comes with assured benefits and guaranteed infrastructure developments. For HMDA  ventures, the developer is obliged to provide proper amenities such as water lines, sewage facilities, roads, electrification, etc… The surroundings of HMDA plots in Hyderabad will also be occupied with excellent public amenities and road connectivity.

Developers/Buyers of Such Plots Are Involved In Development:

The developers of HMDA open plots are obliged to mortgage 25% of the project to HMDA authorities as security against project completion and development works as per norms. He is free to part only the remaining 75% without completing the development work that is needed. The entire plot area is made available by the authority only after the development work is completed. This ensures fair play and guaranteed development benefits to the plot buyers.

High Demand & Limited Availability:

Capital appreciation is a vital factor that regulates the ROI in real estate markets alongside healthy appreciation. Considering that the development of these plots is guaranteed, investors can be assured of healthy returns. However, the demand for HMDA plots in Hyderabad is considerably high compared with the supply, thereby putting the buyers in a fix. Buyers are willing to shell out more money due to the limited availability of such plots. Whatsoever buyers will be still benefited from the long-term benefits these open plots will reap.

Easy Financing Options:

Finance for HMDA open plots is not at all a worry. Many banks are willing to extend finance to prospective buyers in HMDA approved plot ventures. Also, the authorities will take necessary steps to ensure overall development benefiting the whole surroundings.

If you are looking to invest in open plots that provide good ROI, Gayathri Infra is providing multiple invest options, kindly take a look. Open plots in Patancheru , plots in shadnagar,  open plots, residential plots in Hyderabadshadnagar plots

five reason why you should buy a property in hyderabad
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Top 5 Reasons To Own A Property In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is notable for its cosmopolitan culture, where individuals living from all parts of the country stay together with no issues. Regardless of what you do, Hyderabad fills your day with magnificence and greatness. The city, with its elegance and glows, definitely makes Hyderabad a proper place to settle down. With many ventures coming up in Hyderabad, it provides an excellent opportunity to buy a property.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities and career growth opportunities are abundant in Hyderabad. Many globally recognized companies like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, TCS, and others have already made their presence in Hyderabad, making it a heaven for IT job seekers. These organizations select individuals from everywhere the world, which assists one with trusting Infra Facilities in Hyderabad. It will boost an individual’s certainty to buy a home in recently dispatched projects.

The city isn’t just a promising IT community but a well-known instructive and brandishing place with the best schools and universities.

IT Industry

The city developed parallelly with the IT boom. It had one part of the city named CYBERABAD, which portrays the impact of the IT industry in Hyderabad. Furthermore, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Uber will soon make their second-biggest developments in the city. Owning a house in and around the IT area is the more significant part of Gated Communities. Every comfort assists individuals in settling down with extraordinary freedoms in their dream homes.

Cost of Living

Hyderabad is considered the best Metropolis urban area in terms of the essential cost of living. Here, the typical cost for essential items is meager when contrasted with formal living. Hyderabad is a peaceful city with IT hubs, offices situated around you making this is probably the best area to live and work. Here, you can discover numerous plots and homes inside the reasonable financial range, including top-class conveniences in gated communities. One can find many properties according to their budget, need, and location.

Better Transport

Hyderabad city furnishes the best public transport along with road connectivity.  Residents in Hyderabad generally utilize TSRTC, Metro, and MMTS. Regularly over 4lakh People travel through MMTS, and 1lakh People use Metro to commute to their offices. Alongside this, there are autos, cars, and several other ways.

Food & Culture

The Word Biryani from all over the world reflects one name, i.e., Hyderabad. This city has a vibrant Heritage and Food. The Mughals explorers from around the world assist in crushing up different food Cuisines. It has a more significant part of cooking styles canvassed in craving, which one can value. The city has several food joints, which portrays the significance and love towards food from Hyderabadis.

Hyderabad has a rich Heritage with Historical Monuments, which are significant in standing tall from different metropolitans. Golconda Fort, Charminar, Falaknuma castle, Mojamjaihi Market and Old city Minars, and so on, help the city stand tall from different urban areas. The old city’s labyrinth of narrow roads, exquisite royal residences, Nawabi cooking, dance, melodic interpretations and all feature the city’s rich social legacy.

We at Gayathri Infra welcome all aspirants looking to buy a new property. We offer a wide range of propery options starting from open plots to apartments and villas.

Luxury villa in Hyderabad
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3 Reasons Why Luxury Housing Market Is Zooming In India.

3 Reasons Why Luxury Housing Market Is Zooming In India.

The luxury housing sector of India is a significant and broad market. It isn’t only drawing revenue from nearby purchasers but from unfamiliar financial backers, especially the NRI mortgage holders.
A considerable part of this interest can be credited to HNI ( High Networth Individuals) investors, creating mindfulness in worldwide plan and feel, and life coordinated vigorously by world social impacts. The impact of location is last but not the least. Infrastructure and urbanization are supported in areas picked for affluent buildings. There is an excellent assortment inside the luxury segment, from tall structures and duplexes to gated communities. Builders across the nation are currently introducing high-end aspects, advancement techniques and convenience amenities.

Issue of Many

The housing market is overflowed these days with options, even in the luxury section. To attract an elegant client base, designers are currently creating different extravagant lodging projects at an equivalent time. A standard developers portfolio will see around 2-3 extravagance or perfect quality tasks, with facilities like an attendant, robotized home, savvy insides, open-air decks, temperature-controlled pools, and surprisingly Olympic-grade facilities. Designers are endeavouring to outshine one another. This difficulty of masses bodes pleasantly for hopeful householders and financial backers.

Index of Cost

Pricing keeps on being the single greatest front where the fighting for customers is being battled. Evaluating all through the rich fragment is an issue because of factors like area, offices offered, maker esteem, and furthermore, in couple of cases, accessibility. As a pattern, Delhi NCR keeps on instructing more consideration. Nonetheless, more current lavish private capitals Hyderabad are likewise genuine areas to consider. Hyderabad, specifically, has seen the sumptuous land area blast. Gayathri Infra’s luxurious properties stay more acceptable on the grounds because the cost spent is well utilized.

A Matter of Luxury

Eventually, luxurious homes are about the nature of living. With increasing buyer assumptions, architects are adopting more prominent elite offices and worldwide norms in development. Gayathri Infra is building brand trustworthiness utilizing a definitive in extravagance living.
When zeroed incautiously, this set of three reasons blasts the luxurious living in India in its number of varieties and blends. Obviously, the fundamental factor is the limit and eagerness of Indian purchasers to request and pay for a-list extravagance abiding guidelines. 

know why investing in hyderabad real estate is important
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Hyderabad Real Estate Stands Out As Preferred Way Of Investing

The pandemic has started total lockdown and caused a steep decline in the economy. With this, individuals began looking for more secure Investment choices. The unstable economic situations and a need for cover during troublesome occasions added to this. Real estate is a protected venture and stays evergreen because of its long-term development. In contrast to stocks, it has an actual presence, and regardless of whether it deteriorates, you will have a real resource.

According to a study, Real estate is the preferred method of investing for 43% of people, with stocks coming in second at 20%, fixed stores at 19%, and gold at 18%. Because of the predominant vulnerabilities, a majority of people’s priorities have changed. With innovative progressions, government regulations, and NRI speculations, the housing market has seen an outstanding ascent even lately.

Real estate in Hyderabad is always popular, and after the pandemic, it started to grow much more. The pandemic has emphasized the significance of possessing a home. This increased the interest of home buyers towards new projects.  Low home loan costs, slice in GST, and tax breaks will further benefit purchasers. With the market prepared to favour buyers, Real estate in Hyderabad is unaffected by the pandemic.

With corporates companies adopting hybrid work from home culture, homebuyers have now begun searching for bigger homes. The interest in house-hunts has sped up mainly during the pandemic.

With all these considerations, it is evident that Real estate stands out and it’s the right time to invest. Start your investment journey with Gayathri Infra, make your wishes true.

Shadnagar Investment
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Why should you Invest in Shadnagar Real Estate ?

Why to Invest in Plots in Shadnagar?

Shadnagar is a fast-paced developing location in South Hyderabad. It is currently a superior choice for real estate investments. Various government and private organizations have started operating from this location. With recent development and establishments, Shadnagar is looking to be a promising location for real estate investments.

Shadnagar is a forthcoming Revenue division in the Rangareddy area.Proximity to industrial areas such as Balanagar, Kothur and Kondurg makes it a favourable investment destination. Existing facilities of Corporate Giants have already given a tap to the real estate prices in this region.Also, Projects like MSN, Amazon, NATCO, P&G, J&J are set up nearby. It is close to NH-44 and Rameshwaram Temple.

What makes it so Special?

  1. The exceptional growth of the Hyderabad-Karnataka region benefitting Gulbarga, Yadadri, Raichur, Koppal and Bellary.
  2. It is near to Shamshabad – Shadnagar aviation zone.
  3. All-round connectivity with ORR.
  4. Equidistant to IT, Hardware, Industrial and Pharma passages.
  5. International zoo park proposed near to Shadnagar.
  6. Noticeable Educational & Institutional developments in the neighbourhood.
  7. Projected population increase upto 8 lakhs.
  8. An estimate of providing direct and indirect employment to more than 2lakhs people.

Surrounding Establishments:

  1. NATCO
  2. L.V.Prasad Eye Research Centre
  4. P & G
  5. Johnson & Johnson
  6. Asian Paints
  7. DLF Projects
  8. MSN Labs
  9. Haldi Ram Industries
  10. Symbiosys University
  11. NRSA Township
  12. Balanagar Industrial SEZ/Industrial Park (1800 Acres)
  13. World Biggest Pharmacy City

Upcoming Projects:

  1. TATA Social Science University
  2. ASIA’S Biggest Amusement Park
  3. Film Industry Establishments
  4. Women Cricket Academy
  5. Satellite Township
  6. Metro Railway & MMTS Stations
  7. Software, Hardware, Pharmacy HUB
  8. Textile Industries

These factors ensure Shadnagar is transforming into a well-planned region. These factors ensure Shadnagar is transforming into a well-planned region. The land rates will boom in the years to come. Also, this place is where we can enjoy healthy family living. Considering the facilities and current land prices, it is a must invest location.

Home and money saving
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How To Buy Your Dream Home On Single Income

Are you looking for an Apartment/Independent house for sale in Hyderabad? Were you worried about purchasing on a single income? We have a solution for you!.. Buying a home on a single income may look troublesome. But, if you understand the loans system and stick to a proper investment strategy, it’s entirely possible.

Maintain a Good Credit Score:

It is necessary to maintain a good credit profile to be eligible for a home loan. With a single credit profile, it is must to avoid any action that hurts your credit score. Stay away from any activity that could hurt your credit score. Big credit purchases and using many credit cards should be avoided. Having a lousy credit utilization ratio might hamper the chances of loan approval.

In the event that you have a credit cutoff of Rs. 1 Lac on your card, the bank may see that as debt of 1 Lac. This might occur, however it’s better to check with your home loan merchant in advance.

Protect Your Income:

Your home loan lender or bank might ask for insurances that you have set up for yourself. Since you depend upon a single income, you must have accident insurance. This cares for you and your family when you experience a mishap. There are many short-term and long-term insurance plans that might offer you much-needed relief. Ask your home loan representative for dependable choices.

Having a guarantor for your loan might improve your chances of getting it approved. Even though it is not mandatory, it is advisable.

Arrange Funds For Down Payment:

The RBI has approved Indian banks to loan up to 80% of the property’s price. The excess must be paid as upfront installment by the home-purchasers. This 20% is still a great deal of cash since the cost of a 2 or 3 BHK home can drift around the Rs. 75 Lac mark or more. Assuming you need to save Rs. 20 Lac by setting to the side Rs.10,000 consistently, it will require 16 and a half years to will accomplish that objective! Not to neglect, factors like inflation and cost increase can rattle into your saving plans.

However, It is not so complicated. You have other options too.

Get Credit From Your Employer:

A few companies give advances to their workers at a low financing cost. Documentation needed to get this credit is also primary. Yet, it is better to check with your employer for any such benefits.

Employees Provident Fund:

If you had an EPF account older than five years, you could opt for a loan on that account. Also, pledging financial assets like shares, bonds, insurance policies, etc., may avail your loan. Many financial institutes provide this facility.

Down- Payment Loans:

The Home Down Payment Loan, also called HDP, was launched in 2014 and is offered by a few financial institutions. Under this plan, one can get a loan for the adjustment of a current property. Under this plan, borrowers can get up to Rs. 1 Cr. at a premium of 11% for a period of 12 to 60 months. The credit is accepted against gold and not against the property. Additionally, there is no penalty or approval fee. However, any such loans might affect your home loan limit.

Select An Suitable Repayment Plan:

So that you arranged for the down payment, now is the time to select a loan repayment schedule. Your new home loan EMI should be below 40% of your income. Assuming the rate goes any higher, your family spending plan can go under pressure. A 15 or long-term payback period is viewed as the best on any property. It gives the perfect pad of time to ensure your installments are made flawlessly.

Check For Any Benefits You Can Avail:

Keep an eye on government schemes and tax benefits. Interest paid on loan is eligible for deduction up to Rs.2 lakh under Section 24 when the property is self-occupied. The principal sum repayment of up to Rs.1,50,000 is eligible for deduction under Section 80C. Likewise, our Prime Minister declared that housing loans of up to Rs. 9 lakh and up to Rs. 12 lakh would get an interest subsidy of 4% and 3 percent. This is valuable in case you’re purchasing more modest and moderate homes.

gated communities in hyderabad
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Top 7 Advantages of Living in Gated Communities in Hyderabad

Gated communities in Hyderabad are in trend these days. Homebuyers are preferring to stay in luxurious and tranquil locations surrounded by convenience. The demand has increased for these kinds of property among Hyderabad real estate circles. All these communities offer massive amounts of comfort and a stress-free living experience.

Before we get into the complete details, let us give you a glimpse of what a gated community is.

What is a Gated Community?

A Gated community offers residential activity combined with a quality living experience. It combines different private properties inside a boundary. It offers comforts like supermarkets, play areas, parks, pool, gym, and walking tracks.

Advantages of Living in a Gated Community in Hyderabad

Let us look into some advantages of living in gated communities in Hyderabad

1.Safety & Security

Gated communities are becoming one of the quickest developments in Hyderabad. Since 2000s, gated communities has undergone exceptional development. Gated communities include high security, private living, and many other benefits. Also, the necessity of better security made home buyers to choose gated communities.
Gated communities are well guarded. CCTV cameras, security and video entryway telephones, guarantees safety. They ensure no unwanted guests without confirmation can enter the property.

2.Privilege of Luxurious Community Living

A pleasurable benefit of staying in a gated community is that it creates a feeling of community. Occupants of various ages make a comprehension between them. Gathering with people in a garden or clubhouse establishes a sense of belonging. These days, gated communities are organizing events and activities to celebrate and enjoy.

3.Better Environment with Sustainable Living

Contamination free climate and adequate greenery all through society are the best. Apartments are planned by keeping natural amenities in view. These focus on eco-friendly and efficient designs. Alongside zeroing on power and water protection, these improve air quality supporting a sound way of life for all ages.

4.Better Play Facilities for Children

Gated communities are viewed as a paradise for families with children. A mix of great conveniences with security and low traffic, speed restrictions makes it secure. With controlled admittance to the area, children can play with no risk of outsiders.

5.Access to Sports Facilities

Gated communities offer access to games like cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, and many more. Additionally, they provide indoor games like chess, tennis, billiards, carom, and so on. These facilities improve the physical and mental aspects of health. It conveys the positive effect of spending time in a healthy environment.

6.A Superior & Peaceful Lifestyle

An advantage of living in gated communities is to get access to a wide range of luxuries. Along with gaming, yoga you get access to many prerequisites such as stores and ATM’s. Gated communities always provide the best possible facilities.

7.Better Investment & Property Value

Investing in a gated community is a good option. Although costs are a bit higher, gated communities provide excellent safety and returns for your investment. They offer a better lifestyle on par with ROI.

Are you planning to own a gated community property in Hyderabad? Gayathri Infra provides various investment opportunities in gated communities. Have a look at our best properties.

Plots in Hyderabad

House for Sale in Hyderabad

high rise building in hyderabad
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Land Values in Telangana may Jump up to 200%

The prices of open plots in Hyderabad may be increase by 20% to 200% from the current market value. The Registration and Stamps department made this proposal. If chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao K gives the nod, these changes might come into effect from August.

The change can be about 100% in residential and non-commercial areas. While in Rural and Municipal areas, it might be 200% on commercial and 50% on non-commercial. The change can be about 100% in residential and non-commercial areas. While in Rural and Municipal areas, it might be 200% on commercial and 50% on non-commercial. In areas within HMDA limits of Hyderabad, the rise could be about 200%. It might also apply to areas with high registrations. At present, there is a massive variation between registration value and market value. For instance, in emerging places like Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, Serilingampally and Patancheru variations are huge. The amount is now expected to be doubled. Since rates ranged from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 per square yard were being sold at 2lakhs.The land value at quickest developing locations like Nizampet is Rs 10,000 because of its nearness to Hi-Tec City. In contrast, the market value in regions like Dundigal was Rs 2,000, while Rs 20,000 is practical. Uppal and Quthbullapur attract more investments in the eastern pieces of the city. The enrollment rate in Nagole differs from Rs 9,000 to Rs 10,000. HMDA has sold its plots between Rs 30 000 and Rs 40 000 for every square yard in the Uppal Bhagat layout near Nagole.

After the launch of Metro rail, the demand for lands in the adjoining regions was tremendous, and the costs of lands multiplied. The public value is around Rs 9,000 in Kalyan Nagar, near the Uppal Crossroad. But, within these regions, open plots in Hyderabad are sold for over Rs 70,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

The Registration &Stamps department proposes an increase in enrollment and stamp charges of 7% to 7.5% from the current 6%. The Government has now formed panels for revisions and reconsiderations.

If you are a buyer and actively looking to buy open plots in Hyderabad, now is the best time. Since these changes might bring a heavy upliftment to the overall pricing, it is better to invest now and reap the benefits than wait.

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