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The worth of land in India, particularly in metropolitan areas, has increased in recent years. Such has been the interest for land that its been showing appreciation, regardless of a multi-year log jam in the housing market in India. Same is the case with property valuation and market value of land. Coronavirus pandemic has affected all sectors including living souls and the economy. Indeed, the effect on new property has additionally been irrelevant, as reflected in the numbers beneath.
In Hyderabad, a Sq.ft of land costs around 5,713 Rs/- on average with an expected annual growth rate of 5%. The growth rate of 5% in Hyderabad real estate is highest in India. This conclusive factor is behind each mainstream strategy embraced to show upland valuation in India.
As per Harvard Law School educator Oliver Oldman, fostering a precise land-value evaluation is the interaction of value planning. With that as the controlling factor, a few land valuation frameworks have show up the genuine worth of land across the world. Because of their viability, a small bunch of strategies show up at the value of land and fix its cost . These are generally utilized in India. Below are the few methods used for calculation.

Comparative property valuation  :

Apartment-based undertakings have become an inborn piece of metropolitan living. This strategy is frequently used to show up at the value of flats. This is also called as business correlation approach. This strategy assists you with showing up at the worth of your property via analyzing the worth of comparative properties in that same area.
Let us say two flats were, sold in your gated society for Rs 1 crore each. If you somehow happened to sell your property sooner or later, a similar sum would be the asking cost for your property.
This property valuation strategy works since you use equivalent information to estimate. When you put your property for sale, you may find that buyers cannot pay you more than Rs 90 lakhs for your property. This could be a direct result of many reasons.


Even inside a gated society, area assumes a significant part in deciding property’s worth. For instance, flats that are nearer to the main entrance/exit will bring a lower value. This is due to the constant disturbances that the residents might be subjected to. Also, a recreation center confronting level is more worthwhile. subsequently this is worthier than a level encircled by different flats.


While no one wants to buy a home irregular in shape. The chance of such homes getting a good price are further decreased , with Vastu making a major rebound in India. Under the standards of Vastu, unpredictable sizes hamper the proprietor’s well being.


If your home is even more modest than your neighbor’s, your property could never be worth as theirs..


Based upon the city where you have your property and the level of your property would decide its worth. In Mumbai, an upper-story level in a gated society costs more than that on the ground floor. The inverse is valid in Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), where ground-floor homes order a premium.


A corner flat or corner plot, near entry/exit points, would have a premium pricing.

Legal issues:

Suppose your property is mutually claimed by your kin who isn’t willing to sell his offer in the property. Such an issue may slow down the deal as well as a result in value deterioration.

Development strategy:

This technique is used to choose the value of plots and apartments based on such plots. Also called the remaining area esteem technique. This method is acknowledged with checking the capability of a land package.
At a certain point, the value of the plot may be irrelevant. But impending foundation improvement could expand its value multifold.

Method of land and building:

Under this strategy, the worth of land is surveyed, and the worth of the structure is added to the final pricing. Using this technique, one could show up land valuation just as property valuation.
To finalize valuation, remaking cost is first worked out, and afterward, changes are made for devaluation. Assume the structure could be remade for Rs 25 lakhs. Rs 5 lakhs may be deducted given its age, development, current condition and quality.

Belting method for land evaluation:

This method is used to estimate the value of an enormous land package in metropolitan regions. For this reason, the whole land package is split between three belts, with the best weightage given to the part nearest to the main street. Generally, the front belt could extend up to 10 ft and the next belt up to 50 ft. The remaining part from there on would be the third belt. While 75% of the worth of the main belt could be allocated to the subsequent belt, half of its worth could be allocated to the third belt. If belt one is worth Rs 10 lakhs, regions up to 150 ft would be worth Rs 7.50 lakhs. Regions past this would be worth Rs 5 lakhs depending on vastness.

Property valuation by guidance method:

For a few of us, the work turns out to be simple since specialists have done the burdensome. Gurugram’s locale organization, for instance, as of late declared a rise in circle rate that is going to make the acquisition of plot-based properties costlier. Nonetheless, the public authority indicated rates could be higher and lower than the common market worth of the property. In case if you want to sell your plot/level, make some research on prevailing market rates.
Location plays the greatest part in deciding the value of the land. The scale of development in a region chooses its value or the deficiency in that department. . Likewise, a venture by a notable developers will, cost over a task by a similarly less-known developers. Gayathri Infra Strive to well designed ventures at affordable rates for all.

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