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Work From Home (WFH) culture being the new norm. More interest in Hyderabad real estate is coming from working people and recent college grads. Who are hoping to get a way of life on their own with a home of their liking. There has been an rise in demand for 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes in the city. This is particularly from first-time homebuyers who moved out of rented properties.
As indicated by the 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 49% of twenty to thirty year olds wants to buy a house. The fascinating perspective is that 3/4 of these 49% are sure that they would need fulfill their home-purchasing dream.
What’s more, the pandemic gave a unique chance for these twenty to thirty year olds to turn around and move. These trendy homebuyers are searching for solace, straightforward properties providing better accessibility.
Key Factors That Catch Millennial’s Interest:

1.Supportability & Sustainability: 

With regards to picking a house, the “principle center” of the more youthful ages is supportability.
They are basically a mindful gathering of individuals towards. Homes built to save energy and water, with ecofriendly materials, are better for these young purchasers.
Gayathri Infra is known for building harmless to the ecosystem homes. All our projects incorporate water gathering, sewage water reusing, and different highlights. We additionally centers around quake safe homes by utilizing the top tier innovation. In case you’re a hoping to put resources into a brand, there could be no greater spot than Gayathri Infra.
2. Lifestyle:
Extended periods of pandemic-induced disengagement have increased the advantage of staying connected, and covid restrictions have changed how people function as well as how they handle relaxation time.
Millennials often search out homes which offer way of life conveniences with the goal to involve in assorted activities. Conveniences like greenery, yoga decks, walking tracks, are now considered as essentials. These become the decision making choice for millennials purchasers on their first home. Better accessibility to offices ,clinics, schools, general stores and others is essential. To put it plainly, it gives you all that one could want to lead a way of life that most yearn for.
3. Multi-purpose homes:
Many millennials at present see homes not as a spot to rest and pull out, but rather as lifestyle focus. Prefer an extent of different exercises, especially in a situation like the pandemic. It has made us to understand the significance of our homes. With ‘Work From Home’ turning into new norm, most homebuyers are looking for extra rooms that could give them solace in testing times.
The demand for large spaces that can accommodate WFH and online learning will continue to be high. In addition, proximity to the offices is important to prevent excessive travel and public transportation exposure.

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