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How To Buy Your Dream Home On Single Income

Are you looking for an Apartment/Independent house for sale in Hyderabad? Were you worried about purchasing on a single income? We have a solution for you!.. Buying a home on a single income may look troublesome. But, if you understand the loans system and stick to a proper investment strategy, it’s entirely possible.

Maintain a Good Credit Score:

It is necessary to maintain a good credit profile to be eligible for a home loan. With a single credit profile, it is must to avoid any action that hurts your credit score. Stay away from any activity that could hurt your credit score. Big credit purchases and using many credit cards should be avoided. Having a lousy credit utilization ratio might hamper the chances of loan approval.

In the event that you have a credit cutoff of Rs. 1 Lac on your card, the bank may see that as debt of 1 Lac. This might occur, however it’s better to check with your home loan merchant in advance.

Protect Your Income:

Your home loan lender or bank might ask for insurances that you have set up for yourself. Since you depend upon a single income, you must have accident insurance. This cares for you and your family when you experience a mishap. There are many short-term and long-term insurance plans that might offer you much-needed relief. Ask your home loan representative for dependable choices.

Having a guarantor for your loan might improve your chances of getting it approved. Even though it is not mandatory, it is advisable.

Arrange Funds For Down Payment:

The RBI has approved Indian banks to loan up to 80% of the property’s price. The excess must be paid as upfront installment by the home-purchasers. This 20% is still a great deal of cash since the cost of a 2 or 3 BHK home can drift around the Rs. 75 Lac mark or more. Assuming you need to save Rs. 20 Lac by setting to the side Rs.10,000 consistently, it will require 16 and a half years to will accomplish that objective! Not to neglect, factors like inflation and cost increase can rattle into your saving plans.

However, It is not so complicated. You have other options too.

Get Credit From Your Employer:

A few companies give advances to their workers at a low financing cost. Documentation needed to get this credit is also primary. Yet, it is better to check with your employer for any such benefits.

Employees Provident Fund:

If you had an EPF account older than five years, you could opt for a loan on that account. Also, pledging financial assets like shares, bonds, insurance policies, etc., may avail your loan. Many financial institutes provide this facility.

Down- Payment Loans:

The Home Down Payment Loan, also called HDP, was launched in 2014 and is offered by a few financial institutions. Under this plan, one can get a loan for the adjustment of a current property. Under this plan, borrowers can get up to Rs. 1 Cr. at a premium of 11% for a period of 12 to 60 months. The credit is accepted against gold and not against the property. Additionally, there is no penalty or approval fee. However, any such loans might affect your home loan limit.

Select An Suitable Repayment Plan:

So that you arranged for the down payment, now is the time to select a loan repayment schedule. Your new home loan EMI should be below 40% of your income. Assuming the rate goes any higher, your family spending plan can go under pressure. A 15 or long-term payback period is viewed as the best on any property. It gives the perfect pad of time to ensure your installments are made flawlessly.

Check For Any Benefits You Can Avail:

Keep an eye on government schemes and tax benefits. Interest paid on loan is eligible for deduction up to Rs.2 lakh under Section 24 when the property is self-occupied. The principal sum repayment of up to Rs.1,50,000 is eligible for deduction under Section 80C. Likewise, our Prime Minister declared that housing loans of up to Rs. 9 lakh and up to Rs. 12 lakh would get an interest subsidy of 4% and 3 percent. This is valuable in case you’re purchasing more modest and moderate homes.

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